Easy Line Remote Control Tips 


No indicator light when a button is pressed 

  • Remote Control is switched off or battery needs replaced 
  • Switch on the Remote Control or change battery 
  • To change the battery gently press a pen or paperclip in the hole on the back of the remote control while sliding the cover open. You will hear an audible click. 
  • Flip the door up to see the battery compartment 
  • Remove the old battery and replace with a new battery (CR2032) 
  • Close the battery door and power on 


Hearing aids do not respond to the Remote Control 

  • Hearing aids are switched off 
  • Ensure your hearing aids are turned on and batteries are fresh. 
  • Hearing aids are not paired with the Remote Control 
  • Set your hearing aids into the pairing mode by switching them on. You now have 3 minutes to pair your Easy Line Remote Control with your hearing aids:
    1. Press and hold the volume up “+” button
    2. Switch on your Remote Control while still pressing the volume up “+” button
    3. Release the volume up ”+” button when the light indicator starts to blink blue
    4. The Remote Control and your hearing aids will now pair automatically
    5. After a successful pairing the light indicator is solid green for 5 seconds and you may hear a notification beep in your hearing aid
    6. You can now use your Remote Control 


Solid red light indicator 

  • Reset the Remote Control by pressing the volume up “+” button and the program change button for more than 10 seconds. Then repair your hearing aids and the Remote Control 


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