Hearing loss in everyday life

Hearing loss can range from mild to profound. This graph shows which sounds can or cannot be heard depending on the degree of hearing loss. For example, someone with a severe hearing loss can hear an airplane or a motorbike close-by. (Very loud, hence lower end of the graph) However they will not be able to hear normal-level speech or birdsong. 

Frequency and amplitude of a variety of common sounds. 

bird tweet is a high-pitched tone, therefore on the right of the graph; low-pitched tones are on the left. 

Normal hearing is between – 10 and 20 dB HL 

Mild hearing loss – 20-40db HL 

Moderate hearing loss – 40-60 dB HL 

Moderately-severe hearing loss – 60-75 dB HL 

Severe hearing loss – 75–95 dB HL 

Profound hearing loss – 95+ dB HL 

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