How do I connect my iPhone® to the Easy Line Remote app? 

Please carefully follow the instructions in the app or the following steps: 

  1. Please install the app from the App Store.
  2. On your smartphone open the Easy Line Remote app and click “Continue”.
  3. Walk through the “welcome screens”.
  4. Please read and “Accept” the Privacy Notice.
  5. If you like, you can share usage data with us. You can find the details in the Privacy Notice of the app.
  6. Make sure that Bluetooth® is enabled on your iPhone®.
  7. Reboot the hearings aids following the instructions in the app.
  8. On the Easy Line Remote app tap “Continue” to search for the hearing aids.
  9. The Easy Line Remote app will start searching for the hearing aids.
  10. Once they are found tap “Connect.”
  11. Allow the app time to connect to both hearing aids and confirm the action for each hearing aid in the dialog.
  12. After the hearing aids are connected tap “Continue”.
  13. Congratulations! Once completed you’ll see a confirmation screen and will be automatically redirected to the main screen.

Please note: you only have to do the onboarding and pairing once, afterwards the hearing aids connect automatically when you open the app. 


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