How do I unpair my hearing aids from my Android™ mobile device? 

Your hearing aids can be paired with up to 8 device at one time. 

Should you wish to stop using your Android™ mobile device with your hearing aids, follow the steps below: 

A: To unpair your hearing aids from your Android™ mobile device 

1. From the phone home screen, touch the Applications tab on the bottom of the screen. 

2. Touch Settings. 

3. Touch Wireless & Networks. 

4. Touch Bluetooth® Settings. 

5. A list of paired devices will appear on the screen. Touch and hold on the name of your hearing aids. 

6. A pop-up menu will appear, touch Unpair. 

The pairing has now been deleted from your phone, your hearing aids will no longer receive calls from this phone. 

B: To re-pair your hearing aids to your Android™ mobile device 

1. Go to the Android™ phone’s home screen and touch on the Settings icon. 

2. In the settings menu, touch on the Bluetooth® icon. 

3. Touch the slider button to turn Bluetooth® On. 

4.Switch your hearing aids off and turn them on after 5 seconds. This will activate the pairing mode. 

  1. On the Android™ phone you will now see a message Available Devices.

6. The name of your hearing aids will appear on the screen with a telephone icon next to it. Touch on it to select. 

 7. A connection beep will be heard in the paired hearing aid. 

Your Android™ phone is now connected to your hearing aids. 

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