How to pair and connect non-rechargeable hearing aids to Easy Line Remote  on Android™?

To pair and connect non-rechargeable hearing aids, please launch Easy Line Remote  app and follow the steps:

1. Tap on “Pair device” to start pairing.
2. Turn on Bluetooth® to allow Easy Line Remote to connect to the devices.
3. For the initial setup of the app Location Services must be enabled on the smartphone.
4. To enable pairing, restart the hearing aids by opening and closing the battery door.
5. Tap on “Continue” to start pairing process. App will be searching for devices.
6. “Device found” will appear on the app screen. Select your hearing aid.  It can take some time for the hearing aid to connect.
7. Bluetooth pairing request for each hearing aid will appear on the phone screen. Tap “Pair”.
8. Hearing aids are now successfully paired to the app. Tap “Continue” to complete the process or select “Optional settings” to see how to enable hearing aid controls for phone calls and streaming.

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