I cannot reconnect the Easy Line Remote app with hearing aids on Android phone after phone startup/restart 


Found with: Sony Xperia X compact- 7.1.1- Build 34.3.A.0.26 


Hearing aids were initially successfully paired and used with the ” Easy Line Remote ” app prior to restart of phone. 

Simply turning Bluetooth off/on again from the phones control center does not solve the issue. You have to do it through system settings. 


Description:  The hearing aids cannot reconnect to the Easy Line Remote app on some Android smartphones after phone startup and/or launching of the app. The main volume screen of the Easy Line Remote app shows an endless “Connecting” message on both sides for Left and Right. 


Step 1: Solutions: Turn Off and On again Bluetooth in Android system settings 

Every time after  startup of phone (i.e in the morning when inserting hearing aids to use them for the day): 

  1. Go the “Settings” of your smartphone (not within the “ Easy Line Remote app”) 
  2. Select “Bluetooth” 
  3. Turn Bluetooth “Off”- wait 2 seconds 
  4. Turn Bluetooth “On” again (in some cases you should now see how Bluetooth list with hearing aid items show a “Connecting” label for a brief moment one after the other 


Step 2: Now the Easy Line Remote app should be connected to the hearing aids again 

Return or Launch “ Easy Line Remote app”, it should now successfully connect to hearing aids within 5 seconds. In case one or both hearing aids do not reconnect after 10 seconds, return to system settings and repeat procedure from the step above. 



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