Easy Line PartnerMic Tips 


I do not hear any sound from the PartnerMic 

  • PartnerMic is switched off. 
  • Make sure the device is turned on and fully charged. 
  • PartnerMic is not paired with the hearing aids. 
  • To redo the pairing procedure you can manually activate the pairing mode by pressing the pairing button. 
  • Place the PartnerMic within 10 cm (4 inches) range from the hearing aid 
  • Press the pairing button 
  • Pairing is complete when the indicator light turns green 
  • The distance between the PartnerMic and the hearing aids is too great. 
  • Have the person wearing the PartnerMic move closer. 
  • An obstacle is preventing transmission. 
  • Depending on the material (e.g. the human body), line of sight may be necessary. 


I hear drop-outs during audio transfer 

  • PartnerMic is too far away from the hearing aid or shielded by an obstacle (e.g. human body). 
  • Do not exceed the maximum distance and adjust the device orientations. 


The volume during streaming is not comfortable (too low or too high) 

  • The volume levels are not set correctly. 
  • Adjust the volume using the multi-function button on your hearing aid or the Remote Control functions within the Easy Line Remote App or the Easy Line Remote Control 


There is too much noise, I cannot understand the speaker 

  • Your hearing aid microphones are set too high. 
  • Reduce the hearing aid volume by a pressing the multi-function button on your hearing aid, or adjust using the Easy Line Remote Control or App 
  • PartnerMic is not worn correctly. 
  • Place the PartnerMic closer to the mouth of the speaker (20 cm / 8”) and make sure it is not tilted beyond 45°. Clothing should not cover the PartnerMic. 
  • The settings of your hearing aids are not right. 
  • Please ask your hearing care professional to finetune your hearing aids. 


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